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A water filtration system designed to provide drinking water
through an under-counter or countertop system

About the AquaRain Safe Tap Water Filtration System

We have developed a custom and proprietary single cartridge solution for drinking water sourced from municipal water systems. 
This single cartridge will deal with the critical issues found in these sources such as:

Chlorine, Chloramines, and their associated by-products (VOCs)
Fluoride, Arsenic (III & V), Metals, Radioactive Compounds, Bacteria

This system also employs a visual indication of gallons used and alerts when to change the cartridge at 1,000 gallons measured usage. 
There are two configurations of the Safe-Tap…

Countertop:  Attaches to a faucet spout, uses a shuttle valve for operation, has an attractive chrome finish and requires only a small amount of counter space.

Under-counter:  Mounts inside a cabinet and dispenses drinking water up through a countertop faucet with an LED indicator for cartridge replacement.

Product Images

Safe Tap Chrome

Counter-top System

Safe Tap White

Under the Counter System

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